7 Amazing Reasons to Vacation in the Belize Jungle

Baby Iguana

When you sit down to plan your next vacation do not skip over Belize. This small country in Central America is bursting with reasons to visit. While the coastal beach towns may sizzle with excitement, I urge you to consider visiting the spectacular Belize jungle.


Stunning Maya Ruins in the Belize Jungle

The powerful Maya Civilization included upwards of 2 million people in the peak of their power. The civilization started in Central Mexico and over time grew as far as El Salvador. The Maya people were known for math, science and intricately built cities. And you will find beautifully preserved ruins such as Cahal Pech and Xunantunich in the Cayo District.

Delicious Food

The food is as culturally diverse as the people in Belize. You can taste distinct cultural influences in a multitude of dishes. The most popular Belizean food is without a doubt rice and beans, often paired with ‘stew chicken.’ You can also find tons of incredible fresh tropical fruit in Belize, the apple banana being an absolute favorite. The local markets like the one in San Ignacio are the best places to pick up delicious produce.

Hidden Waterfalls in the Belize Jungle

The Belize jungle is filled with waterfalls, seriously they are everywhere! The best way to see them is probably hiring a guide so that you can spend a day hopping from one to the next. If you are looking for a bit more adventure, talk to locals or your host to get recommendations directly from them. Finding a hidden gem of a waterfall off the beaten path in Belize is the type of memory that will last forever.

Belize Jungle

Belize has a usually comfortable tropical climate of about 84°F as an annual average temperature.

Incredible Weather

The best time to visit Belize is well, always. The average annual temperature is about 84 degrees. Average annual warm temps climb into the high 90s during the day but will fall significantly in the evenings. You are in the Belize jungle, so expecting some rain is a good bet during rainy season (May-Nov).  Don’t forget, rain keeps the jungle green and the waterfalls epic. Check out this complete write up on Belize weather to help you schedule your travel dates.

Unique Wildlife in the Belize Jungle

Expect to see more beautiful birds than you know what to do with. There are more than 500 species of birds that call Belize home. If a birdwatching tour is something that you have ever considered, the Belize jungle is the place to do it. Expect to hear the distinct sounds of howler monkeys, catch a glimpse of vibrant colors of butterflies and maybe even pet a green iguana.

Rich Cultural History

Belizean history has as enough twists and turns to make into a popular television show. The mix of Maya, British, Afro Caribbean, Latin American, and more, influence the culture that thrives today. Expect to feel that laid-back Caribbean vibe complete with big smiles and a very flexible idea of time.

Maya Dancers

Comfortable Travel

For many, a vacation in Belize is the perfect mix of adventure and familiarity. While the rich culture of Belize will make you feel like you’ve traveled a long way, flights from the U.S. quick, especially from Florida and Texas. So, this means you can skip the jet lag and hit the ground running. You also don’t need to worry about a complicated conversion rate because the US dollar is widely accepted here, and the Belize dollar is tied directly to the U.S.$ two-to-one.  [$1 U.S. = $2 BZE].

Thanks for Visiting Belize

What are you Waiting for?

If you hadn’t considered a Belize Jungle vacation before, hopefully now you are ready to make reservations soon and check out even more information about Belize here:

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