Belize Climate: Are There Really Only Two Seasons?

Belize Climate View from Xunantunich

This blog is about the Belize climate and seasons to help you determine when the best time would be for a vacation.  There really are only two seasons in Belize.  But, even then those two seasons are becoming more blurred.  We typically have the Dry Season and the Rainy Season.  However, over the past eight years we’ve experienced some of the wettest dry seasons and some of the driest rainy seasons!

The Dry Season (aka High Tourist Season)

The Dry Season in Belize usually is considered to be December 1st through May 31st each year.  What’s interesting about this is that the lowest and highest temperatures occur during these six months!  December, January and February are generally the cooler months while April and May (and sometimes March) are the hottest months of the year.

Belize Map

The Rainy Season (aka Low Tourist Season)

The Rainy Season in Belize encompasses the remaining months of the year, June 1st through November 30th.  The temperatures during this time of the year are what you would expect from a sub-tropical location.  I’m not sure why this is considered the ‘Low Tourist Season’ because some of the best temperatures are during this time, and even though it’s the rainy season it doesn’t rain every day, and even when it rains, it doesn’t usually rain all day.  So, you can have some of the absolute best weather during the rainy season.

The further south you go, the more rain.  The overall average rainfall in Belize is 60” in the North, but up to 160” in the far South.  So, that’s something else to keep in mind.

One other thing you may have noticed is that Belize’s rainy season occurs during the same timeframe as Hurricane Season.  Yep, that’s right!  However, during the past four years, there has only been one hurricane that made landfall in Belize, and it was only a Category 1.  Most of the hurricanes seem to pass to the north of us or swing near us then veer north.  For more information on hurricanes in Belize, check out this website:

Even though Belize has well-defined rainy and dry seasons, it can be rainy or dry at any time of the year.

It rains during the dry season and is dry during the rainy season

Even though the Belize climate has well-defined rainy and dry seasons, it can be rainy or dry at any time of the year.  We’ve had floods during the dry season and have gone months without rain in the rainy season.  Generally speaking, these types of anomalies happen during the cusps of the seasons.  We’re in the middle of the rainy season right now, and it has barely rained for a week, until today when it poured for about an hour.  But, now it’s done.  And it really cooled down the temperature – which is always a bonus.

So, when IS the best time to visit?

Given all this information about the Belize climate, rainy and dry seasons, it may be hard to decide when the best time is to visit Belize.  Well, for me the best time to visit is the first two weeks of November or the first two weeks of December due to the cooler weather, and because high tourist season hasn’t kicked in yet.  There’s also less chance of rain toward the end of the rainy season (but there are no guarantees).  But, we actually visited during the first two weeks of December the very first time we visited Belize and it rained nearly every day and never seemed to dry out.  But the temps were great!

The second-best time?

Basically, any other time, other than April & May.  April and May are at the tail end of the dry season, and for whatever reason these are the hottest months of the year.  If you are familiar with Florida’s summer weather, it’s like July/August there.  The evenings just don’t cool down much as they do the rest of the year.


Remember, this is Belize

But in reality, is there really a bad time to visit Belize, especially if you reside in the ‘Great White North’?  And catching a sale on airfare to book a great jungle lodge, like Lucky Dreamer Lodge is a good deal any time!

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