Belize Climate: Are There Really Only Two Seasons?

This blog is about the Belize climate and seasons to help you determine when the best time would be for a vacation.  There really are only two seasons in Belize. …

What to Wear in Belize for a Wonderful Vacation

Planning what to wear in Belize ensures you’re prepared for our diverse landscapes and tropical climate. From breezy beachwear perfect for island hopping to lightweight, quick-dry clothing ideal for jungle…

The Ultimate Guide to Belize Rainy Season Adventures

Don’t fret if rain clouds loom above; the Belize rainy season promises excitement, not monotony. Embrace the weather by packing your adventurous spirit, preparing for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Belize during its rainy season.

Retiring in Belize: Paradise Found

Retiring in Belize is more than just a relocation; it’s an opportunity to embrace a new way of life, discover hidden treasures, and create unforgettable memories.

What ‘s the weather Really like in Belize?

Accurately forecasting Belize weather is like herding cats – or should I say iguanas?  Either way, there are some things you can count on regarding Belize weather, and some things…