12 Best Family Vacation Belize Adventures

Families at the Macal River

Planning your first family trip to Belize or looking for even more family things to do in Belize? Here is a list of adventures for the entire family to enjoy – other than beach & ocean activities.

Belize is perched south of the Yucatán Peninsula and on the western tip of the Caribbean Sea. Belize is one of the most famed travel destinations in Central America, especially for eco-tourists. However, more families are choosing Belize as a family friendly vacation spot! 

You may have asked yourself, is Belize a good family vacation spot? The answer is YES! With lush tropical jungles, pine forests, and a coastline that stretches approximately 174 miles, Belize has activities for any age group.

Family Friendly Belize Adventures in the Cayo Area

1 – Watch Raptors Soar!

Belize Raptor Center

The Belize Raptor Center is one of the most interesting bird sanctuaries in Belize. It’s located just on the outskirts of San Ignacio. And the most fulfilling experience you can have on your visit to this country.

It is a haven where injured birds can enjoy a peaceful recovery and a home to raptors that are unable to return to the wild.

It’s free to enter, but the conservation operates on donations, for the general public demonstrations. However, there is also a paid VIP tour option. You will you get up close with the raptors with a behind-the-scenes experience, but you’ll also be supporting a noble cause.

Be sure to call ahead for reservations, even for the free public demonstration.

2 – Visit the Green Iguana Conservation Project

Little girl with Iguanas on head

One of the best family vacation Belize activities is the Green Iguana Conservation Project. And as you can see from the photo, kids LOVE it! This stop is a favorite of traveling families including @localpassportfamily.

This open-air sanctuary was established in 1996. The aim is to provide green iguanas a safe haven and to teach about this endangered species in Belize.

The guided tours will take you through the process of incubation, hatching, rearing, and even the release of these creatures.

But the highlight of your visit here will probably be the feeding & handling of these exquisite reptiles.

You can also take part in their ‘Adopt an Iguana’ program. The adoption progra helps raise funds for the conservation project and provides scholarship opportunities for local kids.

3 – Visit an Animal Petting Farm with Ostriches!

Ostriches in Belize

The newest Eco Park in Belize is located in Georgeville, Cayo. Ranch Craft’s Eco Park is currently open Thursdays through Sundays, from 10am to 4pm. They raise ostriches, bunnies and many other animals.  Their full farm tour includes visiting the edible gardens, a Petting Farm, Ostrich Walk Earth, Bag buildings & Vintage park.

4 – Go to a butterfly farm

Visiting a butterfly farm is just one of the adventures that will make your family trip to Belize unforgettable, especially for the young ones.

The country is home to more than 700 species of butterflies, including the iridescent blue morpho.

There are lots of butterfly farms to choose from where kids & adults alike can have an immersive experience and learn more about these stunning creatures.

5 – Enjoy Horseback Riding & Chocolate Making

Dad & Kid on horse

You can explore Belize’s diverse and astounding landscape in a thousand different ways. But, there’s something magical about the authentic nature of horseback riding along mountains, rivers, and open farmlands, or up close and personal with the Mayan sites. @travelmadmum and her family enjoyed their horseback riding adventure.

This activity is a perfect choice for horse lovers who want to explore Belize with a knowledgeable guide who offers invaluable information about the topography, the area, and the local wildlife.

St. Leonard’s tours offers horse riding coupled with a chocolate-making adventure which can be very fun for kids.

6 – Journey to the Mountain Pine Ridge

Map of Mountain Pine Ridge

Established in 1944, the Mountain Pine Ridge offers a nice respite on warm days and is one of the best places in Cayo for nature enthusiasts. No visit would be complete without the multiple Mountain Pine Ridge Family Friendly adventures in Belize!

Within its 469 square miles, you’ll find the famed 1000 Foot Falls, one of the tallest falls in Central America.

You’ll also find Rio Frio Cave probably the most easily accessible cave in Belize.  And Rio-on-Pools is not to be missed!

In addition to deep ravines, dramatic gorges, and waterfalls, this forest is one of a kind in the country with its unique Honduras pine trees as well as mountainsides made of granite.

But most importantly, the reserve offers amazing opportunities to interact with nature.

For even more Family Friendly Belize Adventures, read Kim Lovato’s blog article she wrote for CiaoBambino.

7 – Come up close with nature at Macal River

family belize itinerary

When you think of having fun on the water in Belize, the first thing to come to mind are the ocean beaches. But another great place for nature lovers to visit is the Macal River. @travel80by80 recommends a family canoe trip on the Macal among other Family Friendly Belize Adventures.

@belizehub provides additional information about both the Macal & the Mopan Rivers, so be sure to check that out. With a lot of fun water activities such as tubing, canoeing and kayaking, the rivers offer thrilling activities that will help you see Belize from a different perspective.

Aside from its natural beauty, the river holds some historical significance and it was one part that sustained this region. For hundreds of years, the Macal waterway was an integral part of the Maya Empire and an important source of transport, trade, and even livelihood.

Today, the river is popular among eco-tourists who paddle canoes, or float in innertubes to explore the country’s jungle in the most tranquil way.

8 – Visit Mayan ruins

Caracol Belize Itinerary

Boasting the highest concentration of the majestic Maya archeological sites in all of Central America, it’s fair to say Belize was once the heartland of the ancient Mayan civilization.

While the country is not top on most people’s bucket lists as far as Mayan history goes, it’s host to over 600 ruins that are worth exploring.

Burial sites and stadiums are scattered within dense jungles, as well as sacred temples and caves. Hopping from one Maya site to the next is one of the most adventurous things to do on a family vacation in Belize.

The country has some of the most well-preserved ruins in the region.

So, taking a guided tour of a couple of these ruins is a must-do Family Friendly activity while visiting Belize. Check out @wanderingwagars for details on their Belize family vacation.

9 – Wander around the Belize Botanic Gardens  

Belize Botanical Garden Lookout Tower

With a family trip to Belize, you can discover the country’s natural wonders and foster a deeper connection with nature and each other.

Spanning 45 acres on the banks of Macal River, the Belize botanical garden showcases the diverse flora and fauna of Belize.

It’s also filled with numerous pathways and trails that allow you to intentionally get lost in nature.

In addition to medicinal plants, over 150 unique palm trees, and allspice trees, this botanical garden boasts hundreds of other plant species most of which are endemic to Belize.

Different areas are dedicated to different plants so you can choose the species that interest you the most and learn about them at a leisurely pace.

10 – Explore caves

Exploring Rio Frio Cave

For families with older children, Family Friendly Belize adventures should include at least one cave exploration tour.  Otehlia Travel posted an informative blog article about traveling with kids in Belize including some cave options.

Belize is home to the largest cave system in Central America, the Chiquibul Cave System but it also has the highest concentration of some truly extraordinary small caves in the region.

That’s why you should include a cave tour on your itinerary. Cave tours help you discover the subterranean face of Belize.

Exploring caves in Belize is one of the most popular activities for all ages. Rio Frio Cave is one of the easiest to access in the Cayo District but there are many others that are just as captivating.

Other Adventures for the Best Family Vacation in Belize (Outside the Cayo area)

11 – Belize Zoo

Howler Monkey

The Belize Zoo is a true ‘rescue’ zoo.  It is a non-profit organization originally created to provide homes for some wild animals that were used to make a documentary film in 1983.  Today the Belize Zoo is home to over 200 native Belizean animals with 45 different species represented.  The Zoo houses animals that have been injured or orphaned.  They rehabilitate animals and release them if possible, back into their natural habitat.

The Belize zoo is fully accessible to visitors with physical disabilities.  Visiting the zoo is a great introduction to the native creatures of Belize.  They have an onsite restaurant and souvenir shop.

12 – Old Belize

Old Belize - Kid playing in water

Old Belize consists of Kukumba Beach, Old Belize Train Ride and a Marina. A restaurant on site serves fresh local dishes and there’s also a souvenir shop

Kukumba beach includes water activities, and beach volleyball.

The train ride is a mini-train tour showcasing Belize’s rich culture and history.  A perfect Family Friendly location,


Whether you have young kids or young adults in your family, family friendly adventures in Belize encompass a lot of activities & adventures that will keep the whole family entertained.

For an added bonus, check-out this Family Packing Guide for Belize created by @millionmilermom.

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