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Collage of 5 new Belize Food Festivals

Want to learn more about Foods in Belize?

If you really want to experience what Belize is all about, check out some of the amazing festivals to discover the variety of Belize food dishes. Each Belize food festival is annual. So, it’s never too late to plan for the next one!

Think of this article as a Belize Food Guide. Whether a one-day or multi-day event, each Belize Food Festival is always fun regardless of the popularity or size. While each Belize food festival is unique, there are some similarities.  Also, it’s an opportunity for Belizeans and visitors to get together and celebrate the best of Belize Food culture, music, and food.

Belize Food Festivals usually occur during the low-tourist season (May-Nov), which provides an extra incentive for vacationers to visit.  So, you may have heard of some of these food festivals, but others are virtually unknown.  When visiting Belize, experience some of these amazing Belize Food festivals and try new Belize food and drinks.

Belize Food Festivals

Please note that due to the pandemic, some of these Belize Food festivals may not have resumed yet.

Nineteen scrumptious Belize food festivals listed by month:


  • Cashew Festival
  • Chocolate Festival
  • Chicken Festival


  • Pibil Festival
  • Mango Festival
  • Lobsterfest (x3)!


  • Coconut, Corn & BBQ Festival
  • Yellow Ginger Festival
  • International Music & Food Festival


  • Cayo Corn Festival
  • Beef Festival & Rodeo
  • Belize Banana Festival


  • Willows Bank Fyah Haat Festival


  • San Antonio Peanut Festival
  • Sugar City Rum Festival
  • TIDE Fish Festival


  • Taco Festival


There are three Belize food festivals scheduled in May, The Cashew Festival, the Cacao (Chocolate) Festival and the newest one, Chicken Fest.  These are great festivals for food enthusiasts, or for those that just love chicken, cashews and chocolate!

Cashew Festival

Belize Food Festivals

First, in early to mid-May head to Crooked Tree Village on an island inside the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary in rural north Belize for the Cashew Festival. The Crooked Tree Cashew Festival features tasty cashew-based dishes, including desserts, stews, and even wine!  Crooked Tree is a small village where the fertile soil and warm weather create the ideal environment for cashew trees to thrive. Originating 16 years ago in 1992, the Cashew Festival is one of the ‘must-do’ food festivals in Belize.

Toledo Cacao Festival

Cacao Festival

One food festival a month is never enough!  So, in mid to late May, head down south to Punta Gorda for the three-day Chocolate festival celebrating the cacao bean!  The Chocolate Festival event features food, music, demonstrations and information about the various ways the Maya utilized the Cacao bean. Then it’s on to Chicken Fest!

Chicken Fest

If two food festivals in a month are not enough for the foodie in you, then check out the Chicken Fest! Chicken Fest provides a unique opportunity to indulge in a variety of chicken dishes, all within a festive atmosphere. From foodies to families, there is something for everyone, thanks to the wide range of activities planned.

The versatility of chicken is showcased with traditional Belizean dishes like tamales, rice and beans with roast chicken or curry, and chicken soup. Foodie enthusiasts will be thrilled to try unique preparations such as Mango Chicken, Honey Mustard Chicken, Chicken Kebab, Chicken Burger, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Quesadilla, Chicken Fingers and Sweet & Sour Spicy Chicken. For those craving a little heat, the chicken nachos and wings are a must-try.

In addition to the enticing food stalls, Chicken Fest also hosts several raffles, offering attendees the chance to win fantastic prizes. Families enjoy the dedicated children’s area with a bounce house, face painting, and other fun activities. The festive vibe is kept alive all day long with music and entertainment.

Experience the charm of Dangriga, savor the flavors of Quality Poultry Products, and immerse yourself in the joy of community at the next Chicken Fest. Don’t miss out on this deliciously exciting event!

As of the time of publication, there was no dedicated social media site for this food festival.


In June/July (sometimes these Belize food festivals are in June…. sometimes in July) head to Hopkins, Corozal, Placencia and the Cayes (Ambergris & Caulker) for five different food festivals!  Start in Hopkins for the early June Mango Festival.  Then head up to Corozal for the Pibil Festival. Then finally hit one, two or all three of the Lobster Fests from mid-June to early July!

Pibil Festival

Belize Food Festivals

In Progresso, Corozal District, there is a traditional food fest you won’t want to miss. Pibil is a dish consisting of pork wrapped in banana leaves that is buried at the bottom of a fire pit to cook. It is a traditional Maya dish, and it is usually celebrated at the end of June in the village of Progresso. Sadly, I couldn’t find a festival link to share, but in 2022 the Festival was back on June 30th.

Hopkins Mango Festival

Did you know there are over 20 varieties of mangos that grow in Belize?  Not all mangoes taste alike – so head to the Hopkins Mango festival to try some…. or all!  Villagers set up stalls on the beach where visitors can enjoy mangoes plain, or as the main ingredient in appetizers, entrees, desserts and even wine!  Sometimes called the ManguFest, CLICK HERE for additional information

LobsterFest (x 3!)

The Lobsertfests in Belize are the most well-known of the Belize food festivals.  There are three different Lobsertfests held every year during Lobster season in June/July. The coastal communities of San Pedro, Caye Caulker, and Placencia celebrate the lobster catch with festive activities and cook lobster in every way imaginable.

Belize Food Festivals

Here are links to each of the Lobsterfests, which will hopefully be updated with new information each year.

San Pedro LobsterFest

Caye Caulker LobsterFest

Placencia LobsterFest


While July is known mostly for the Lobster Festivals, there are three lesser known but just as delicious food festivals. So, if you overdose on lobster, or just want to add more variety to your plate and enjoy more authentic Belize food & culture, these food festivals are for you.

Coconut, Corn & BBQ Festival

Belize Food Festivals

This festival celebrates the best of Belize culture with traditional and modern twists on the staple foods of Belize, corn, coconut, BBQ, meat, and beer.  Competitions include dancing, Coconut husking, Corn on the Cob eating, and Taco Eating, among a few.  There is also a parade and pageantry. Click here for more information:

Yellow Ginger Festival

The Annual Yellow Ginger Festival (aka Turmeric) in Belize takes place near the end of July each year. This one-day event is held in the Toledo District of Southern Belize, where the vibrant East Indian culture comes to life.

This historic cultural festival is of great significance, bringing together the East Indian community from all corners of Belize and beyond.

At the Yellow Ginger festival, attendees indulge in a delightful array of tasty Indian cuisine, including savory chutney, delicious Choka, Takari, and various yellow ginger cooked foods.

Visitors also have the opportunity to witness interesting demonstrations, such as the traditional processing of turmeric by the elders and the art of coconut husking and grating using the Indian grater.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, delightful entertainment featuring dance, poetry, and music,  are all presented in the captivating East Indian style.

For more information about the Yellow Ginger Festival, you can visit their official Facebook page

International Music & Food Festival

Scheduled at the end of July, the Belize International Music and Food Festival is a vibrant celebration of both local and international musical artists and Belize’s exceptional cuisine. Each year the event promises an exciting lineup of talented artists and DJs, showcasing a diverse range of global music genres including Reggae, Afro-Beats, Dancehall, Soca, Punta, and Latin beats.

Beyond the captivating music, festival attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Belize’s rich culinary culture. They can explore the country’s flavors through sampling a variety of local delicacies at the food pavilions. These pavilions offer a delightful array of options, from favorite local street eats to gourmet dishes, as well as cherished ethnic recipes passed down from generation to generation.

To stay updated and learn more about the Belize International Music and Food Festival, follow them on Instagram


After a very busy (and tasty) June & July, Belize food festivals continue in August. 

Cayo Corn Festival

Belize Food Festivals

Corn is a staple food to Maya and Mestizo cuisines in Belize.  Foods such as salbutes, panades, and tamalitos are tasty treats.  Held in mid-August, the Cayo Corn Festival honors Belize ancestors who are the fabric of the current-day Belize culture.  This one-day event happens on Burns Avenue in downtown San Ignacio.  In addition to the food, there are cultural presentations and live entertainment.  Sorry, no link could be found dedicated to this festival. But here’s a link to an article about the festival.

Beef Festival & Rodeo

The Belize Beef Fest & Rodeo takes place in mid-August, hosted at the National Agriculture and Trade Show grounds in Belmopan. This event offers an authentic Belize Rodeo experience and features an exciting grilling contest for chefs and cooks eager to showcase their skills and compete for prizes. Moreover, if you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds, the Belize Beef Fest offers a mouthwatering array of foods for the whole family to enjoy.

In the grilling contest, teams of four compete using beef, pork, or sheep cuts supplied to them. They must impress the judges with their taste, presentation, and technique to vie for the grand prize.

While there may not be a dedicated social media page for the event currently, click here for the latest information on upcoming Beef & Rodeo Fests.

Belize Banana Festival

The Belize Banana Festival showcases the banana industry as well as highlights other firms and businesses in the area. San Juan Village in the Toledo district is the location of this relatively new festival. You’ll find more information here: Belize Banana Festival


Belizeans save much of September for two major patriotic celebrations including independence from Great Britain.  Click here for more information about Belize Holiday celebrations. So, if you do visit in September, there will still be a lot of Belize festivals, parades & parties.  However, only one festival is dedicated to food and it can’t be missed!. 

Willows Bank Fyah Haat Feast

To showcase the use of cooking on a fire hearth and to keep tradition, heritage and culture alive, the “Willows Fyah Haat Festival” was born!  Renamed in 2022, and previously held in August, the tradition continues.

Belize Food Festivals

So, head to the Belize District September to experience the age-old Belize tradition of fire hearth cooking.  Activities during the festival include a contest where contestants prepare meals using the traditional cooking method known as ‘Fyah Haat.’  Other events include beer drinking contests, greasy pole competition and volleyball games. The Festival changed its name this year to Fyah Haat Feast. You’ll definitely learn more about the variety of Belize food dishes at this festival!


Moving on to October, we have three more Belize food festivals to enjoy, the San Antonio Peanut Festival, Sugar City Rum Festival and the Tide Fish Festival.

San Antonio Peanut Festival

The inaugural San Antonio Peanut Fest debuted mid-October 2023. The event acknowledges the significant impact of peanuts in the San Antonio village. Over the course of two days, the festival showcases agricultural displays, arts & crafts, a farmer’s market, exciting entertainment, and delectable food booths.

With a focus on celebrating the importance of peanuts in the community, this festival promises a delightful experience for all attendees. While the organizers have not yet established a social media or web presence for this event, the local community and visitors can look forward to an annual celebration of this beloved crop. This is another Belize food festival that does not have a dedicated online presence.

Sugar City Rum Festival

This annual festival in Orange Walk celebrates the local rum industry.  Belize distilleries are featured in this fun-filled event with games, cultural presentations, musical performances, competitions and lots of food and rum!  Usually held in October, word has it that it might be moved to February in the future.  Unfortunately, this is another Belize food festival with little web presence.

Belize Food Festivals

TIDE Fish Festival

If it’s the coast you prefer, then the Toledo TIDE (Toledo Institute for Development and Environment) Fish Festival in Punta Gorda is for you.  In addition to a Seafood Gala, this event raises awareness of environmental issues and celebrates the environment and our natural resources.  So, head to Punta Gorda in mid-October to taste fresh seafood caught from the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and enjoy local cultural entertainment!  For information on TIDE Fish Festival check here. 


November brings an end to the annual Belize Food Festivals, and this last one is a tasty one!  Held at the end of November the Taco Fest features a wide variety of tacos cooked in different styles.

Belize Food Festivals

Taco Fest

The Taco Festival in Orange Walk is a one-day event in late November. It includes vendors, cultural events and live performances by local musicians & artists.  The top three winners for the best tacos of the festival are chosen by a panel of judges.  But the main feature of the Taco Festival is the Tacos – tacos al pastor, pibil tacos, grilled tacos, fried tacos, baked pork tacos, chicken tacos, beef tacos, and tacos Arachera style! This is another Belize food festival with little marketing online.

What Food is Belize Known For?

If you miss the Belize Food Festivals, you can always take a Belize Food Tour to discover more facts about Belize Food. You’ll also learn what food Belize is known for, which surprisingly enough doesn’t have a food festival dedicated to it . . . . YET! Can you guess what that is?

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